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Vanessa Zahorian, Artistic Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet Academy and former Principal Prima Ballerina with the San Francisco Ballet, offers the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method. Vanessa is a certified teacher in the GYROTONIC® method. This exercise method seeks to restore vitality and rejuvenate the body through the articulation of the spine using three dimensional movements. These movements, along with corresponding breathing patterns, help to promote suppleness as well as strength within the body. The method is built for people of all ages and abilities with the goal of keeping active and moving joins in an organic way, with proper alignment and awareness.


GYROTONIC® exercises also help create a powerful physique that will resist the process of aging. The method can be taught to anyone, from those with healing needs to skilled movers and athletes. This method utilizes specialized equipment, such as the pulley tower, which permits one to move with support and resistance. Vanessa also offers group classes that involve yoga mats and stools. This method also helps to prevent injury, increases one’s range of motion, and helps improve imbalance with the use of circular movements. GYROTONIC® exercises also help with the decompression of the lumbar spine. This can be especially helpful in certain athletes, such as golfers. It helps the body to create more twist and flexibility; building a stronger game, aiding in the prevention of injury, and improving proper daily functions and posture. After trying GYROTONIC® exercises, users become more aware of their body.

Please call now to schedule your private appointment with Vanessa Zahorian at 717-774-7474. Vanessa will be offering individual or small group sessions.

GYROTONIC® and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

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