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Mission Statement

Pennsylvania Ballet Academy exists to provide professional, classical ballet instruction that teaches students how to find and pursue their Passion, develops their Belief  in themselves and helps them discover the Artistry in dance. 

Passion. Belief. Artistry


Introductory Ballet 

Pre-Ballet, Pre-Ballet 1, and Intro to Level 1 are an introduction to formal ballet training. Classical ballet classes begin at age 3 with Pre-Ballet. Students develop a foundation for ballet in a non-competitive learning environment, fostering a love for dance and music. Exercises promote correct posture, technique and flexibility, while expanding gross motor skills and developing balance and strength. 

Level 1 

Level 1 students focus on basic steps, skills, and movement principles of ballet, with emphasis on correct placement, alignment, and use of the upper body.

Level 1H

Level 1H classes emphasize skills learned in Level 1, while adding faster tempos and more complex combinations. Students are introduced to different musical accents, greater use of the arms and head, higher legs, and more steps in the combinations. 

"Professional staff who know how to push students to do their best work in an encouraging and positive way."

- Katherine Mortellaro (Student Testimonial) 

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